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Lora Colson familyPeak Fitness Of My Life...in my 40's?  Yes.

Hi! My name is Lora.  I’m a 44-year old mom to 4 kids, a wife, and a homeschool teacher to all 4 kids.  All of our kids are involved in lots of activities and sports, in addition to their academic work, and I have a zillion hobbies, interests and sports of my own!  I am always crazy-busy! It’s okay though, because I actually thrive on chaos…I’m a multi-tasker and I love a challenge.  If something seems impossible, take my LIFE for example, I keep strategizing until I figure out a way to make it work.

My recent challenge has been trying to figure out how to lose weight, get lean, and get six-pack abs.  Getting lean is hard enough…but getting six-pack abs seemed impossible to me.  How many people do you know who have them?

Do you know any WOMEN who have six pack abs? I don’t.  I have only seen them on the models in the fitness magazines.  I have never seen a mom with six pack abs…much less a mom of four kids or a mom who home schools…with no nanny…cook…house-keeper…chauffer…the list goes on….

I was going to figure this out because I was tired of trying to squeeze into my jeans!  One time, when a friend was waiting to go on a trail ride with me, I put my foot in my stirrup, swung my leg over my horse, and actually ripped the whole back seam out of my jeans. NICE.  This was going to change!

I started out just wanting to lose weight, but it became a quest for the abs.  I tried different things…including some pretty unhealthy things...It took awhile of trial and error and a lot of research and reading, but I finally figured it out!  I found the quickest, smartest, HEALTHIEST way to get the exact results I wanted!

Friends began asking me, “What did you do to get so lean?!”  Even people I didn’t know were coming up to me and asking!  There are a lot of people who want to be lean and fit, but they just don’t have any idea how to get there.  AND, they think it’s just not possible with their life and lack of time.  That was me! I decided to put this website together to show people how to do it. If I can do this…ANYONE can do it!!!

I have in 12 weeks, with a Turbulence Training contest and program, completely changed my body.  I started the 12 weeks barely being able to squeeze into my “fat jeans,” and ended the 12 weeks slipping out of the “skinny jeans” without even unbuttoning or unzipping them!!  It took me awhile to figure things out, but once I did… the results were incredible!

Feature on Lora Colson Fitness Women Success Story

Before (Aug. 31)


After (Nov. 23)

I entered a 12-week Turbulence Training contest,
the newspapers prove the dates of the pictures.

Read on about my story, what I learned, and 3 Truths...

My Story

I was a competitive athlete in high school and college 25+ years ago -- I ran track and played field hockey. I’ve always been what most people would consider “in shape,” but I have never been healthy with my eating habits OR my training. I had horrible nutrition and crazy dieting “schemes.”

I was a party girl—loved to eat AND drink! (Still love to eat and drink…) I never really worried about putting extra weight on because I was working out. If I put a lot of weight on, I would just work out harder! I would drink coffee and starve, or eat whatever I wanted and then “work it off.” On the days I wasn’t eating much, I would be so hungry at the end of the day, that I would just make a quick grab for whatever junk was handy…and then keep grabbing! Then…I would run how ever many miles I thought it was going to take to “erase” the food. Not the greatest fitness program. But…it sort of worked, and I could lose weight when I wanted to and eat the food I wanted to eat.

More recently, though, I put on some extra weight that would NOT come off, in spite of all my best efforts. We were eating out a lot at all kinds of restaurants, going out for drinks, etc…It didn’t take long for me to get a nice “puffy” look going…I thought I could just diet and run (a whole bunch!) like I always had…But it wasn’t working anymore! No matter how seriously I restricted my calories and how many miles I ran, I couldn’t seem to make the scale budge! I could NOT figure it out.

I got nervous…SCARED! I began researching on the internet, trying to figure out why I wasn’t losing weight. I was barely eating AND running miles and miles!!! This should have worked!

I started finding and reading all kinds of great information—stuff that completely conflicted with my ideas and strategies for losing weight… I was beginning to realize that everything I had ever been doing…my whole life…was, well…DEAD WRONG! I had been wasting so much time, spinning my wheels, and actually short-circuiting any chances for improvement! I never had the amazing results to match the incredible effort!

The things I learned completely changed the way I eat and train…Forever!

What I Learned

There are so many myths about fat-loss, weight loss, exercise and nutrition. You take all that stuff and it is jumbled up in your head…With it, you formulate all kinds of crazy notions of your own. At least, that’s what I did! And you get so confused that you begin chasing your tail until you get exhausted and overwhelmed and give up!

There are so many things I was doing wrong, but that would take a lifetime and a huge book-case of books to cover, so I’m just going to tell you the MAJOR ways I was blowing it…

Take a look at how I was short-circuiting my results:


  1. When you have weight to lose, go on a diet. Restrict the calories. Low-calorie, low-fat. If the label says “non-fat” it is healthy. Skip meals whenever possible—it will put you that much farther ahead! Add coffee to help you starve yourself. Do this until you get to the weight you want. Don’t worry if you are losing muscle, you are losing WEIGHT, and that is the goal. Who cares where it’s coming from?!!

  2. When you have weight to lose, ramp up the cardio! Run for hours and hours and burn LOTS of calories. The longer the run, the better. If you run in the “target heart-rate zone” you are in the “fat-burning zone.” You can eat whatever you want as long as you are working out and doing cardio. Workouts count for 90% of your results.

  3. Do some weight training to define your muscles—it looks good. Spend a couple of hours in the gym, because obviously, the longer you spend, the better your results are going to be. Isolate your muscles. You will have some amazing abs if you do a million crunches.

The Truth…

Nutrition Is The Single Most Important Key To Your Success

If you want to lose fat and weight, you have got to get a handle on the nutrition. There is no way around it. Once you do, you will start to have amazing results. Have you heard that “abs are made in the kitchen?” The nutrition counts for 90% of your results!! It is THAT important. You cannot train out of a bad diet.

“Low-fat” and “non-fat” on labels doesn’t necessarily mean it’s healthy! Many times these seemingly nutritious foods are packed with sugar and high-fructose corn syrup, and are loaded with calories.

Your body actually needs fat—the RIGHT kinds of HEALTHY fats like you find in raw nuts, olive oil, avocados, natural peanut butter, fish and fish oils, etc. When you eat these healthy fats in moderation, you actually help your body to become lean!

When you are not eating enough calories, you are slowing your metabolism. Your body thinks it is starving and it starts to burn up your valuable muscle as fuel! Muscle is what MAKES your body lean, so you do not want to lose any of it! It takes a lot of calories and energy just to maintain your muscle. You burn calories without trying—just because the muscle is there!!

Also, when you eat 5-6 smaller meals per day (as opposed to the traditional “3 squares”), you are constantly spending calories on digestion and absorption of all those meals! Food has a thermic effect. Protein is hard for your body to digest, so it has the highest thermic effect. Next comes carbohydrates, followed by fats. You should try to combine a lean protein, a healthy carbohydrate and healthy fat in each meal.

Don’t skip meals, either! You need to eat breakfast, first thing in the morning to get your metabolism cooking! When you go without breakfast, your metabolism is running too slow. You are not stoking the fire to start your fat burning for the day. Your body, AGAIN, will look for energy elsewhere. You haven’t fueled with food, so it will start breaking down your muscle!! You lower your metabolism, and it will make it much easier for you to gain fat in the future!!

Slow, Boring Cardio is Actually Counter-Productive!

The more you run…the more you HAVE to run to continue to get results. Your body will make adjustments and get used to doing the same work over and over. You get good at it, and it gets easier, and your body doesn’t change with “easy.”

Also, after about 45-60 minutes of cardio, your body has used up its glycogen stores and begins to look for more fuel. It begins to break down your muscle!! You DO NOT WANT TO LOSE ANY MUSCLE!! The muscle is what keeps your resting metabolic rate high! Your muscle causes your metabolism to burn fat while you sit or sleep! It takes much more energy to sustain muscle than it does to sustain fat.

When you have poor nutrition, coupled with excessive cardio, you get that gross “skinny-fat” look. Your body uses up its lean muscle mass to keep you fueled for your long runs, and you decrease your RMR, making it harder for you to lose any more body fat. The more muscle you lose, the lower your RMR will go. When you start eating again, you will store fat like crazy!!! Not a good scenario, and EXACTLY what I was doing. Also, when you do steady-state cardio, you only burn calories while you are running and maybe 1-2 hours after the run. Not a very good return for all that work…

YOU SHOULD BE DOING INTERVAL TRAINING! When you do a tough interval workout, you jack up your metabolic rate and it stays elevated for up to 48 hours AFTER the workout!! A much better payoff than the 1-2 hours RMR elevation that the boring cardio is giving you…Intervals are hard! Your body has to work much harder than when you are running at a steady state.

When you do intervals, you warm up for a few minutes at a slow speed, then you sprint for a minute at a high intensity for you, then you walk or do a slow jog for a minute, and keep repeating this cycle for 10-20 minutes. (Intervals can be done using any exercise, by the way—bodyweight circuits, walking, swimming, riding a bike, etc…Just make sure you go low intensity-high intensity-low-high, etc)

This type of workout is hard for your body to do! The havoc it creates in your body causes an increase in your RMR because your body has to work so hard not only to do the workout, but to recover from it. When you feel the muscle soreness and the exhaustion after the workout, it is because you have broken down your muscles and damaged them.

The recovery process, where your body is rebuilding those muscles, is when the fat burning is happening! Your RMR has to increase to handle the rough task of repairing the damaged muscle. You continue to burn calories from this increase, long after the workout is over—the key to getting that lean and ripped body you want!

You Have to Incorporate Resistance Training

Lora Colson Womens Fitness Training WorkoutsThe more muscle you build, the higher your RMR will be, and the more calories you will burn every day! When your RMR is high, you will burn fat easily. Guard that muscle! Don’t let your body use it as fuel instead of good, nutritious food!

DO WHOLE BODY, MULTI-JOINT MOVEMENTS! It is a waste of time to do single-joint movements (crunches, arm curls, leg extensions, etc.) You will accomplish much more in a fraction of the time by incorporating whole-body training, and working multiple muscle groups at the same time.

When you do an intense, whole body workout, using exercises like dead lifts, squats, clean and press, pull-ups, pushups, lunges, etc, you are using every muscle in your body! HARD! Your body has to work HARD to recover from a workout like this. It is much more work than the wimpy single-joint workouts that most people are doing at the gym! In the same way the intervals increase your RMR, the whole body workouts increase your RMR and keep it increased for MUCH longer after your workout!

When you are trying to get a nice set of six-pack abs, ab exercises are the least of your worries! Remember: Abs are made in the kitchen. If you taking care of your nutrition and keeping your metabolism “stoked,” the abs will begin to show. The abs come from getting your body lean, not from crunches!!

You do not have to spend HOURS in the gym! My workouts can be done in 45 minutes 3 days a week.

Old Habits Die Hard …

All of these ideas about nutrition and training were very hard for me to internalize, believe, and act on. I didn’t want to eat breakfast—I wasn’t even hungry, and why eat extra calories when I didn’t even FEEL like eating?! I didn’t want to eat so many meals. FIVE to SEVEN meals each day?!! I didn’t want to eat fats! Fat is bad! Think about how much fat is in nuts, avocados, olive oil!!! I didn’t really want to eat healthy stuff. I didn’t really like it! I would rather try not to eat! I didn’t care when people said, “Oh, don’t do this or that…you will lose muscle!” I just wanted the weight OFF at any and all costs.

But…nothing I was doing was working…that’s for sure! I decided I would “try” to do the things I was reading.

Putting It To The Test …

I slowly started making small changes in my nutrition. I forced myself to eat breakfast and then other small meals every few hours for a total of 5-7 per day. I started to eat healthy fats and chose more nutrient-dense foods. I changed my training style from heavy cardio to interval workouts. I changed from “traditional gym workouts” with machines and single-joint movements, to whole body, multi-joint workouts.

The Real Changes …

Lora Colson Fitness Success Story MomThe real changes in me came when I entered a body transformation fitness contest. The contest is what motivated me to stay on track with nutrition and training. Before, I always gave up after a week or two of “dieting.” Who cares?!! (Who could stick to a program like mine, anyway?!!!) When I entered the contest, I told people about it, and I know they would be asking me how it was going…I knew I would feel like the biggest loser if I had to tell people I gave up—QUIT!

I am doing whole body exercises, which work major muscle groups, instead of the time consuming single-joint movements. I don’t do crunches anymore! I can’t believe the results. I have been an athlete all my life, but I have never been as lean, fit, and HEALTHY as I am today. After the 12 weeks I have six-pack abs, AND I am in my 40's! “They” say your metabolism slows down as you get older…I say that's up to you!!

It has been an amazing journey. I have learned so much. It has been exciting to see how dramatically I can change my body! The things I learned can be applied to so many other areas of my life, too!

Who Is Next?!

I hope to be an encouragement to others who want to make healthy changes in their lives. If I can do this, anyone can do it!! You just have to know how, and hopefully, I can help you along! I am just a regular, stay-at-home mom, with regular “mom struggles…” trying to get the laundry and grocery shopping done, and then find the time…and space to put it all away! The house has to be cleaned, dishes washed, meals prepared and school done, kids taken care of, time spent with husband…I don’t have helpers for this stuff!! It’s hard to find time to work out and plan, prepare and eat healthy meals, but I’ve figured out a way! If I can do it, YOU CAN TOO!!

I have learned how to work out smarter—more efficiently. I have so much more time in my life now that I am not a cardio addict!! Ditch the cardio obsession! Instead of running for an hour or more, I am doing intervals for 10-20 minutes!

Now that I’m not wasting so much time doing single-joint exercises, and I’m doing the whole-body exercise, I have shaved even more time off of my workouts. Instead of 1-2 hours working out, I can finish my workouts in under an hour—intervals and whole body weight workout included! AND my workouts are more effective at blow torching fat! I only have to work out 3 days a week! The rest of my life is my own!! I did not believe this stuff would work, but it does.

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